Asian Aerosol Conference

Year Month City
11th 2019 May 27-30 Hong Kong
10th 2017 July 3-6 Jeju
9th 2015  June 24-27 Kanazawa
8th 2013 December 2-5 Sydney
7th 2011 August 17-20 X'ian
6th 2009 November 24-27 Bangkok
5th 2007 August 26-29 Kaohsiung
4th 2005 December 13-26 Mumbai
3rd 2004 January 6-9 Hong Kong
2ed 2001 July 1-4 Pusan
1st  1999 July Nagoya



Call for hosting AAC 2021



   Call for Nomination to host Asian Aerosol Conference 2021

The Asian Aerosol Research Assembly promotes the advancement of aerosol science within the countries in the Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Biennially, it organizes a high level of three to four days Conference focusing on fundamental research and application of aerosol science, industrial applications, air quality and climate change. Generally several hundred participants within the region, Europe and the USA will attend, presenting a wide range of scientific papers and posters at the Conference. There will also be presentations for the Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award, and Asian Aerosol Fellow Award to honor outstanding scientists. This is a great opportunity for the host country to showcase its aerosol research community and offer great educational opportunity for the local people, especially graduate students to communicate and network with well-known researchers, conveniently and inexpensively. In the past, the host country’s aerosol organization capitalized on the Conference to increase awareness and support within its country by inviting the government ministry and officials, industries representatives to sponsor and attend this Conference. Along with the Conference, a product and information exhibition is also held. Participants can visit the exhibition to see the state-of-the-art instruments or information and talk with the company representatives. This exhibition is also an excellent and cost effective way for local companies to introduce themselves and their products to an international audience and customers. The Board of Asian Aerosol Research Assembly now invites all countries in Asia, Australia and New Zealand to consider hosting the 2021 Asia Aerosol Conference.


The format of the proposal is as follows:


1. Projected attendance: Several hundred local and international participants.

2. Venue

3. Date

4. Description of Facilities of the Conference, hotels, City, weather.

5. Staffing: Where to recruit a large staff to organize and run this Conference

6. Proposed technical program and social program

7. Proposed budget

8. Projected sponsorship and participation of Government Ministries and local organizations

9. Host organization will contribute US$1,000 to the Asian Aerosol Research Assembly to support its operations and awards programs.

Nominating organizations will be asked to present their proposals in power point format to the AAC Board on 4 September 2018.
If there are any questions, please contact the Committee Chair.


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