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Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award

The Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol science and technology by young aerosol scientists in Asian Countries. The purpose of the award is to promote aerosol research by young scientists in Asia. All aerosol scientists in Asia are encouraged to submit nominations for this award.


The award is jointly sponsored by TSI Inc., members of the Asian Aerosol Research Assembly (AARA),and contributions from the organizer of the Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC), aerosol organizations, aerosol related companies or individuals. The award, which consists of a cash prize and plaque, will be presented at the Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC) to one to two recipients. Any Asian aerosol scientist who satisfies the following conditions is eligible to be nominated:

(i)           Nominee must not be over age of 40 (i.e. must be before his or her 41st birthday) at the time of nomination.

(ii)         The nominee must have been working in Asian countries for at least the last 5 years since the date he (she) obtained his Ph. D.  Candidates without a formal Ph. D. but who have provided significant contributions to aerosol science and technology will also be considered.

(iii)         The award committee member neither can nominate him/herself as a nominee of the Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award nor write support letters for a nominee.


Submission of Nominations:

Nomination of the award must be made by an Asian aerosol scientist and include at least three letters of recommendation highlighting the candidate’s contributions to aerosol science and technology.  Nominations, reference letters, and supporting documents including nominee's curriculum vita and 3 best published papers must be received electronically before 28 February 2017 (due date was extended). Please send nominations to:


Prof. Yoshio Otani, President AARA

Chair of the Award Committee, Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award

Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University,



Email: otani AT


If there are any questions, please contact the Committee Chair.




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